A Plea To NBC And the NHL

I finished everything I needed to do today long before game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals was to begin.  I prepared a meal suitable for another triple overtime game (if that were to happen again).  When everything was ready I sat in front of my 60 inch television and turned it on to NBC.  Golf was on so I pulled up the guide and it said To Be Announced.  I though the U.S. Open was running long and the game would start shortly, so I waited.  The golf ended and it went right to local news.  In shock, I pulled up Twitter and found out the game had indeed started and it was on the NBC Sports Network.  That totally sucked for me because I don’t have that channel.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t even have it when I spent one hundred bucks a month and that was with an extra sports package.

I have a huge problem with that because I love hockey.  I always have!  Especially the Stanley Cup playoffs!  Very few games have been available to me and I can’t take it.  How in the world can you put your greatest product on a regional network?  If the NHL wants hockey to be a main stream sport than they have to give it a shot to be.  You can’t hide it on a channel that isn’t available to everyone.  I wonder how many more viewers and fans the NHL would get if random people could just stumble upon the games on network TV, while just flipping channels.  I’m sure plenty of people would stay tuned and become engrossed in the nonstop action.  In my opinion it is the best sport in the world to watch.  I don’t want NBC and the NHL to limit themselves and in turn limit me.   I really want to watch these games and I don’t want to do it on my computer.  I didn’t spend thousands of dollars on my TV and a satellite subscription to do that.

One thought on “A Plea To NBC And the NHL

  1. I remember watching teams fight for Lord Stanley’s cup all the time as a kid. It used to be on a ton. I loved hearing Gary Thorne call games. I, too, am livid that the STANELY EFFING CUP is not nationally televised, and I’m not even a die hard fan. I want to get into hockey more, but how can I when I don’t have opportunities to watch games? What a joke.


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