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Jay Yeomans started JMoneySports in 2013 as an outlet to share his opinions on everything in the sports world, from game analysis to trades to college recruiting. It has also given him an opportunity to cover games, be a guest on radio shows and podcasts, and turn his passion for sports into a job.

Jay wrote for the Deseret News, as a contributor and then employee, for four and a half years covering college football, college basketball, and professional hoops. He has also been published on Yahoo and done work for The Sports Xchange and CougarNation.com.




23 thoughts on “About Jay Yeomans

  1. the Reggie Bush incident did not involve a “booster”….in fact, it involved a would be agent who desired to lure Bush away from USC….


  2. I blog frequently and I truly thank you for your content. Your article has really peaked my interest.
    I’m going to take a note of your site and keep checking for new details about once a week.
    I subscribed to your Feed as well.


  3. BYU could tell the ACC and SEC forget the money. They don’t need it, they just need the opportunity to be in their league. If it’s because of the money they would then take them in a heartbeat. If not, then they are afraid of something else. I think it may be because they are afraid of the recruiting that BYU would have access to. LDS players then would look at BUU closer


  4. There is absolutely no way thato you can put Johe Beck (06) so far down the list. Statistically he is in the top 5 and looking your list he ought to be around 7-8. Also Max Hall (08) should be right behind him. Gary Sheide, Wilson, Nielsen, Doman, Bosco, Fortie & Sark shouldn’t be ahead of Beck & Hall; Hall end up his career with 32 wins (No 1 at BYU) and 2-1 vs the Utes, the only winning percentage since the early 90’s).


  5. I am unable to post a comment so I have to email you. Sendero1 is probably not a mathetician because in the last three decades (90’s, 00’S and so far in this dacade) the Utes are ahead in wins. So Seneroli would have to start in the 50’s to get 4 decades of BYU dominance but good grief many of us weren’t even alive then. Here’s the record:

    90’s: BYU 5 Utes 5
    00’s: BYU 5 Utes 5
    10’s: BYU 0 Utes 4

    That’s not dominance by BYU at all in the last three decades and just for the record, since 93 the record is:

    BYU 12
    Utes 14

    Wow …the boys up north are ahead and I’m a BYU fan.


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  7. Thanks for all the updates on various players. So what’s the pay in the foreign leagues? How about the D-league? Is the pay enough to keep a player playing basketball, or do they quickly leave for a traditional job?


  8. Jay Yeomans, Since Jimmer’s team the Sharks was eliminated from the CBA quarter finals play off’s early this morning USA Eastern Time Sunday 03/05/2017, which NBA team this season 2016 — 2017 that he will end up with this March 2017 ? The Rockets make sense because they take the most 3’s and have been successful this season from deep, plus since Y Ming was a hall of famer in the NBA with the Rockets, and he still has friends in the Rockets organization plus is owner of the Sharks (Jimmer’s team), plus the Rockets have an open roster spot, do you think his chances ending up with the Rockets with in the next few weeks are good ? I hear the other teams interested in Jimmer are Grizzlies who stink shooting 3’s, the Bull’s who stink shooting 3’s, maybe the Nuggets, maybe the Pelicans since Jimmer played with Cousins and A. Davis before ? I think Jimmer who averaged 37.4 Points in the regular CBA season and 40 points in the CBA playoffs should be able to help many NBA teams now, but if a NBA team picks him up and he rides the bench only as back up depth insurance and never gets an opportunity to play significant minutes, then I think he is better off staying in China the CBA making millions potentially, being there greatest star in their short 38 game CBA seasons.? Don’t you think so. ? Further we appreciate your Jimmer tracker coverage, and enjoy watching Jimmer game high lights. Jimmer is a great talent that is obviously great in China and given a real opportunity in the NBA with ( 20 or more minutes per game) I think Jimmer would be great in the NBA putting up fantastic offensive numbers and would be decent on defense ! What do you think ?


    1. I think he has the game to contribute on the right team, and hope that he finds a fit back in the NBA if he signs a deal to end the season.
      I think what he did in China was something very special and if he doesn’t sign a longterm deal in the NBA, he should look seriously at going back to the Sharks.


  9. BTW I didn’t mean offense with the cupcake graphic comment and no you don’t need to post it. I just wanted to send you a private note. thanks for your site. Obviously I regularly read it or I wouldn’t have made the cupcake comment. : – )


    1. The hard part about being a small site is paying rights fee for pictures and graphics. Right now I don’t bring in the kind of capital to make it worth pay for those things.
      Btw, thank you for visiting and reading my stuff. It means a lot!


  10. Hi Jay. I see that TJ is going to play for a Polish team. Can you tell us where that team and the league they play in rate in terms of international competition? I’m wondering if he is going to a high level team or not.


  11. Hey,

    The team TJ signed with was a middle of the pack team in the Polish league. They were 6th out of 16 when the season was cut short. They were an uptempo team that likes to shoot the three.
    As for the quality of the league, it isn’t one of the upper echelon leagues in Europe. In my opinion, It is behind Spain, Russia, Italy, Greece, Germany, Israel and France overall.
    On the plus side, it usually isn’t top heavy because there aren’t teams also competing in Europe’s top competition.
    I think it’s a good starting point for TJ but there is definitely room to grow.


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