The Jimmer Fredette tracker, Suns game 4: Fredette scores season-high in nice showing against Jazz (video)

By: Jay Yeomans

Published: April 3, 2019

Jimmer Fredette had his most productive game in a Phoenix uniform on Wednesday as the Suns dropped a 118-97 decision to the Utah Jazz in Talking Stick Arena.

The former BYU guard finished with a season-high 10 points on 5-for-11 shooting from the field. He also chipped in with a rebound, an assist and a pair of steals in 22 minutes of work.

Fredette got his offense going in the early in the second quarter when he caught a perfectly timed pass from Dragan Bender on a backdoor cut and finished with a layup.

The Suns Twitter page shared a video of the play.

His second basket came from the outside as he drilled a 22-footer from straight away to finish out the half with four points in 10 minutes.

Jimmer added a pair of difficult layups in the third quarter as the shorthanded Suns hung tough with the playoff-bound Jazz.

The first came after he stole a pass and took it coast-to-coast before finishing with a reverse around Thabo Sefolosha.

He followed that up by getting to the rim, thanks to a nice crossover, and freezing Rudy Gobert with a slight hesitation before finishing with the left hand.

Fredette reached double figures in the fourth by getting to the paint and knocking down a short floater.

Richaun Holmes led the way for the Suns in the loss with 16 points, nine rebounds, and four assists while Elie Okobo registered 15 points on 6-for-11 shooting from the field, including 2-for-3 from beyond the arc.

Donovan Mitchell paced the Jazz with 29 points while Joe Ingles added 27 points on the strength of 6-for-8 shooting from beyond the arc while dishing out eight assists.

Utah also got a strong performance from Rudy Gobert who recorded another double-double with 17 points and 13 rebounds while swatting away five shots.

Through four games, Fredette is averaging 5.5 points on 8-for-25 shooting from the field and 100 percent shooting from the foul line. He has also totaled four rebounds, three assists, and three steals in 46 minutes.

While his overall shooting hasn’t been eye-popping, it is important to note that Fredette has made 50 percent of his shots over the last two games while scoring 16 points in 28 minutes.

Up next for Fredette and the Suns is a matchup against the New Orleans Pelicans on Friday in another game against one of his former teams.

The Pelicans look a lot different than when Jimmer last suited up for them though. The only two players left on the roster from his time in New Orleans are Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday.

After a really nice start to the year, New Orleans has dealt with all kinds of off the court drama after Davis requested to be traded. Since then, the Pelicans have fallen out of playoff contention and are now one of the bottom teams in the West.


9 thoughts on “The Jimmer Fredette tracker, Suns game 4: Fredette scores season-high in nice showing against Jazz (video)

  1. He did some good things, but there were some cringe worthy moments as well. Dribbling endlessly and his defense. Hopefully, he can earn a full camp to prove his worth. I think that will help. Playing against playoff ready teams can be tough, especially, on a depleted squad. He just looks stiff.


  2. Jay, with Booker out with injury last night’s game against the pelicans on Friday April 5, and the Suns counting JIMMER only has about 8 guys they could of played, most basketball fans would of thought the coach woyld give Jimmer 20 minutes of playing time since he is a proven scorer, even know the Suns managed to pull that gave out in overtime for a win, tjey had Jimmer sitting on the Bench the entire game and ghabe him zero minutes? Whats going on with this Suns team with aquiring jimmer for the remainder of this season with the option to keep him next season? The way it appears to be going g it does not look as if the Suns are planning to pick up Jimmers option for next season? The SUNS only have 2 games remaining, by now with their terrible losing record this season most folks looking at this situation feel the Suns should of given JIMMER a few games of 30 minutes to find out if these 3 years on China improved his N B A game today and yo fond out if he could be productive for their team going forward? I feel bad for JIMMER that he went from China’s super star basketball player to N B A bench player that the coach keeps him benched in many of their games, and if they play him besides for the one game the gave him 22 minutes the other night when he scored 10 points, they o my let him play but a few minutes? What do you think Jay?


    1. I don’t really understand how he is being used right now. The DNPs dont make sense and last night was just plan silly.
      I don’t think that we will get to see him get a real chance, even in these meaningless games.


  3. Jay, last night Saturday April 6, on the internet I watched on B Y U Telivision the entire 1 hour 15 minute JIMMER lonely master docrmentry. I enjoyed the docrmentry, JIMMER goal was to make it back to the N B A, this time be successful, and stick around a while? The SUNS are at Houston tonight Sunday April 7, against James Harden and the Rockets and this game is broadcasted on national cable Telivision the N B A channel, which I plan on watching the entire game. Hopefully the Suns coach did research that in 2 pre season games October 2016 and October 2018 JIMMER was the games high scorer in both this games against the Rockets an elite N B A team with 33 points and 41 points. I feel if there was ever 1 game left this season for the Suns to truly evaluate JIMMER give him a 30 minute playing time, then it should be tonight. With these 2 games left this season if the Suns don’t give JIMMER a chance to play lots of minutes especially with Booker out due to injury then this is just another N B A team that Jimmer has been with that intends to let Jimmer rot away on their bench? If nothing changes with this N B A go around for JIMMER as far as him getting real opportunity to play substantial meaningful minutes where he could be a contributer to the Suns or any other N B A team that might pick him up, let’s hope he is not ruling out returning to play in international leagues where if he chooses that path he is almost garenteed to start, play lots of minutes, and be the main guy on his team while probably being paid more than he would be paid in the N B A plus he probably would earn additional endorsement money from his shoe brand? I truly hope the N B A works out for JIMMER this time.


  4. Jay, last night April 8, the Suns got blown out from the start by the Rockets by around 35 points and almost the end of the game the Sums with a thin roster due to injury the last few game put JIMMER in with 5 minutes, he was zero for one last night with 1 assist and 1 rebound. The Suns have one game left this season, it appears with all these injures going on with the Suns JIMMER never got a fair chance to prove him self, so like you I wonder if JIMMER’ s option is picked up by the Suns and they keep him next season for the 1. 6 or 1. 8 million dollar option, then how will they use him? If JIMMER keeps sitting on the Bench through next year that can’t be good for JIMMER retaining that basket ball slkill and confidence he spent these last 3 years in China becoming a domanite basket ball player again over there? I know JIMMER is happy just being able to be with the Suns even if he sits on the Bench because he is earning a decent salary being close to home verses being in China having a much more time to be with his wife and children this up coming season but as far as Jimmers basket ball situation him having to sit on the end of the Bench hardly playing any minutes must be humiliating to him, when him and lots of his fans know how skilled of a ball player he has been in China, College,etc.


    1. It is definitely a situation that I can’t wrap my head around. Yesterday was especially perplexing. Not sure why he didn’t play until the last 5 minutes in a huge blowout.


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