Ranking the best NFL running backs from BYU

With his sights set on a huge sophomore season, that has already produced a receiving touchdown in the first preseason game, Jamaal Williams is on track to widen the gap he already created from a strong rookie year.
I expect some very big things from Williams this time around along with a handful of other Cougars who will continue to make huge plays on the game’s biggest stage against the toughest competition.
Look for Ziggy Ansah and Kyle Van Noy to also have career years as key members of the defense for the Detroit Lions and the New England Patriots.
Both showed signs of brilliance last year, but also missed time with injuries.
Excited to see what the three former BYU stars can do in the League this season along with a number of other former Cougars who will be looking to make their mark.


Updated: January 1, 2018

BYU has had a wealth of really good college running backs over the years, but that hasn’t translated into NFL success. In fact, three of the best running backs from BYU never even took a regular-season snap in the league.

While the Cougars haven’t produced a lot of every-down backs there have been some players who made solid contributions on NFL rosters

Here is the ranking of the best-of-the-best of those players – the best NFL running backs out of BYU.

The rankings are based on what each player did during their careers as a running back in the NFL. No other part of their playing careers were taken into consideration.

Note: 18 players from BYU have seen regular-season action as running backs in the NFL, but only ten make the list. The guys who played in the league, but missed the cut are Pete Van…

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