The rivalry’s back, basketball edition: A poem about the Cougars and Utes

The rivalry’s back,

after one year away.

The rivalry’s back,

on the hardwood they’ll play.


Coach Rose and Coach K

to settle the score.

Without Nick Emery

they’ll have safety once more.


Led by Childs and Bryant

the Cougs will attack.

Collette and Rawson

will answer right back.


Hardnett and Cannon

will be running the show

While Bibbins and Barefield

will help the Utes go.


BYU will let it fly from three

with Seljaas and Haws

as they try to exploit

some Ute defensive flaws.


Bealer and Van Dyke

will shoot it from deep

as Utah will try

to make BYU fans weep.


Tillman and Johnson

will hit the offensive glass

while Dastrup and Worthington

will show defensive brass.


The rivalry’s back

after one year away.

The Utes head to Provo

without 80K.


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