Morning links: 1 trade the Jazz should (and did) make (sort of); the latest on #Stayward

Adam Fromal of Bleacher Report looked at some blockbuster NBA trade ideas, and one of the deals involved the Utah Jazz.

The trade that Fromal suggests for the Jazz is parting ways with Rodney Hood, Dante Exum and a 2019 second-round pick for Minnesota point guard Ricky Rubio.

Speaking of the move, Fromal wrote, “If George Hill walks this summer and the Utah Jazz are able to land Ricky Rubio in a trade, they’ll remain legitimate contenders for a top seed in the Western Conference. ”

After talking about what a Jazz starting lineup would look like – should they keep Gordon Hayward and Joe Ingles — Fromal continued, “And thanks to the passing chops of this trade’s centerpiece, he’d make everything flow. ”

(Fromal clearly nailed the trade from the Jazz side of things as they acquired Rubio in a deal on Friday. Even better for Jazz fans is the fact that they didn’t have to give up Hood and Exum to get him. That’s a win-win for the Jazz if you ask me.)

Tanner Ainge wants Hayward to stay in Utah

His dad may be a big wig in the Boston Celtics’ front office, but Tanner Ainge wants to Hayward to stay in Utah. At least that what he appeared to be saying when he tweeted a link to Hayward about a “millionaire tax” that was passed in the Massachusetts Legislature in 2016.

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