Morning links: Hayward faces tough call; college football realignments that ‘need to happen’

Matt Moore of CBS Sports looked at the tough call that four top-tier free agents have to make this offseason, and one of the players he focused on was Gordon Hayward.

After talking about Kyle Lowry, Moore turned his attention to Gordon Hayward, saying, “Hayward is going to be the belle of the ball this summer. He’s a wing who can shoot and defend, the most valuable asset in today’s NBA. He’s going to have great options for whatever his priorities are.”

Moore then looks at some of the possible suitors for Hayward’s services asking if any of the teams provide a better chance to win.

Moore concludes by saying, “Hayward has been in Utah, he’s comfortable there, he’s not a guy who makes a lot of noise about wanting to chase big markets. The reality is if he leaves Utah, he’ll have suitors from two dozen teams. But Utah still offers him the most money and comparably the best chance to win. That’s a tough combination to beat.”

BYU to the Pac-12 a move that needs to be made

Greg Wallace of Bleacher Report looked at the six realignment moves that need to happen in college football, and one of the moves he suggests is the BYU Cougars to the Pac-12.

While talking about why the move for the Cougars to the Pac-12 is needed, he wrote, “BYU is one of the nation’s most consistent programs, touting a 12-year postseason streak and a proud history that includes a national title.”

After talking about BYU’s journey through independence, he continued, “The league could pair the Cougars with another addition (such as Boise State) to get to 14 teams. BYU brings a national fanbase and plenty of tradition, and joining the Pac-12 would give it a path to achieve the goals any program wants to reach.”

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