Morning links: Tanner Mangum shares mental health struggles; Jazz jump up power rankings

BYU quarterback, Tanner Mangum took to Twitter to share his story of depression for Mental Health Awareness Week.

He wrote, “Not many people know that I suffer from mild depression and anxiety. I take antidepressants every day to help with my condition, have visits with a counselor, and I am not ashamed; on the contrary, I am proud to embrace my own personal journey, accept and love myself — flaws and all.”

Mangum continued, “This might be surprising to many, due to my normally optimistic, outgoing and happy personality, but I hope that we can understand that just because someone is beaming brightly on the outside doesn’t mean they are free from their own personal struggles underneath the surface. We are all human, each with unique battles, and I promise that these battles are better fought together, not alone. Mental illness is one of my personal battles, and I want to offer my love and support to all those who suffer in one way or another. You are not alone. There is help.”

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