Morning links: Why Jimmer Fredette to the Bulls would make sense; Kyle Whittingham’s coaching tree

Michael Pixley of I Sports Web looked at why a possible reunion between the Chicago Bulls and former BYU guard Jimmer Fredette would make sense.

After talking about Fredette’s path from the BYU to China, Pixley wrote, “With a Chicago Bulls team ranked No. 25 in scoring and most likely to miss the playoffs, moves are going to have to be made this off-season. A reunion between Chicago and Fredette would make sense.”

Pixley then looked at Fredette’s success in the CBA before discussing how he would fit with the Bulls, saying, “With only two true scorers in Jimmy Butler and Wade, Fredette who seems to be in his prime would add a nice piece for this Bulls team. Whether it would be coming off the bench or starting spot which would be unlikely, Fredette could add a boost in scoring for this weak Bulls team.”

Fredette also recently announced that he will be featured in an episode of ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,” which will air Sunday.

ESPN released a preview on Wednesday of the episode. Click here to watch the preview.

The Kyle Whittingham defensive coaching tree

Ian Boyd of Sports Treatise examined the roots of the defense that produced coaches Dave Aranda and Todd Orlando, who fall under the coaching tree of Utah head coach, Kyle Whittingham.

Boyd wrote, “To count as a part of this tree a coach ideally builds his defense around zone blitzing and uses the ‘rover, mac’ language that I believe traces ultimately to Kyle Whittingham at Utah.”

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