Morning links: Ziggy Ansah’s journey from Ghana to NFL chronicled; BYU picked third; Weber St. first in hoops

Sports Illustrated sat down with former BYU Cougar Ziggy Ansah to talk about his journey from Ghana to the NFL in an article in Time.

When asked about his knowledge of American football while in Ghana, Ansah replied, “No, soccer was my sport growing up, and my brother used to play basketball, so I used to go over and watch him play and then I started playing basketball when I was in middle school. I picked it up and then coming to America to study at BYU, I always wanted to play basketball and play in the NBA, so I ended up trying out for the BYU team.”

In response to being asked about his first experience with football, he said, “The first time I saw a game was on TV at my friend’s house and it went over my head. I didn’t know what the heck he was talking about. He was the one who made me keep watching, and saying you are going to do it.”

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