Big 12 watch: What’s the conference going to do?; BYU ranked 5th on the gridiron

In an article for Sports Illustrated’s Campus Rush, Pete Thamel takes a deep look at Oklahoma President David Boren’s latest comments that expansion, “is not a sure thing.”

Thamel writes, “Interviews with multiple sources around the Big 12 in the past week revealed a belief around the league that Boren has reversed course on his view of expansion. Boren had always been thought to favor BYU, but adding the Cougars still appears untenable because of the potential furor over their ‘honor code’, which deems ‘homosexual behavior’ as a violation.”

Thamel then asks plenty of pertinent questions about things revolving around the process.

After asking the question, “So what’s the Big 12 going to do?,” he writes, “The Big 12 is in a state of flux, as there are two interim presidents, one new one and another who has announced a departure date. Boren is 75, another factor his critics bring up. He’ll be making decisions for Oklahoma and the Big 12 that he likely won’t be around to actually live with.”

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