The BYU-Utah rivalry rhyme: Part 2

The rivalry’s back,

second time in three games.

Though it’s so close together,

a lot sure has changed.


Devontae’s a Bronco,

and Bronco’s a Cav.

New names and new faces.

So what do we have?


Kalani and Detmer,

and even Ed Lamb,

all joined the Y staff

to hit a gland slam.


Wilson and Covey are gone,

and also K. Scott.

Off to new places.

Do the Cougs have a shot?


Hill and Williams are back

for one final ride,

wearing the Y on their helmets

With a whole lot of pride.


Trying to beat the Utes,

do the Cougs have enough?

Utah’s so deep on the lines.

It will be oh so tough.


Will the Y end the streak,

or will it be six in a row?

So many questions,

on Saturday we’ll know.


The rivalry’s back.

This one’s on the hill.

A battle for Utah.

It will be such a thrill.




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