The Baylor firing of Briles is a step in the right direction

Finally a school has made a decision based on what is best for its student body and not what is best for the football program or the bottom line.

ESPN’s Brett McMurphy reported via Twitter, that according to sources Baylor head football coach Art Briles is being dismissed by the University.

This is a huge move by a school that owes much of its prominence in football to Briles and his staff. The Bears were an afterthought in the Big 12 before he took over in 2007 and turned the program around. Since then they have had four 10 win seasons in the last five years and produced some of the best offensive weapons in school history, including Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III.

The significance of this firing can not be understated. Surely Baylor will take some lumps from its fan base for letting go of such a successful coach, but it is clear that the move needed to be made. Too many things were overlooked for the success on the gridiron. Too many kids were put at risk so that the best players could be on the field (and not behind bars). The value of the college experience was put on hold so a program could be reborn.

I’m glad to see that Baylor finally realized what is important. You can’t put criminals on the field just for the sake of winning. Wins are not more important than the people in your community. Football players are not above the law just because they bring you conference championships, big bowl games, notoriety and a ton of money.


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