The Rivalry’s Back: A poem about the Utes and Cougars

We’re right in the middle of the festive time of year where people express themselves through songs and poems. Since we have the unexpected return of the BYU-Utah rivalry, I thought I would share my thoughts on the game with a poem of my own.
The Rivalry’s back.
Fans shouted hooray.
The rivalry’s back.
What a magical day.
The Utah and the Cougars,
on the gridiron once more.
A trip down to Vegas,
To settle the score.
A Royal Purple matchup,
for the big bowl game.
A first in the rivalry.
Will it be the same?
The Utes and their fans
feeling disrespected.
A sixth choice bowl game
That wasn’t projected.
A week down in Vegas
With all the attractions.
A coaching search for the Cougars
Will it be a distraction?
Mendenhall going out
In a blaze of glory.
His 100th win?
What a fantastic story.
Whit versus Bronco
for five in a row.
The Utes own the Cougars,
They’ll try to show.
Wilson and Mangum
throwing the ball around.
Brown, Bernard and Hine
gaining yards on the ground.
The Utes’ running game
has always been steady
No Booker, no problem
Joe Williams is ready.
Paul and Kaufusi
making defensive stands.
Big plays all around,
that’s why we’re big fans.
Mathews and Blackmon
make leaping catches,
while Carter and Williams
cause violent crashes.
K. Scott and Poole
will try for big gains,
while Nacua and Wadsworth
will be bringing the pain.
Handley and Covey
Are donning Utah red.
Their BYU father’s
This game they must dread.
The rivalry’s back.
Fan shouted hooray.
The rivalry’s back.
What a game they will play.

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