LeBron, DeAndre and the Memphis Grizzlies

What a crazy weekend of NBA playoffs. We had three buzzer-beating game-winners and a whole lot of action, but not necessarily great basketball.

The Bulls vs. Cavaliers series was exciting down the stretch of both games, but not good ball overall. Guys were shooting the ball horribly for most of both games before we got to see a couple of clutch game winners. And speaking of the Cavs, what’s with LeBron James? The reason why he needed a game-winner is because he gave the Bulls a chance to tie the game in the first place. He caught the ball in the corner and allowed himself to get trapped. Then he gets called for an offensive foul (and YES, it was the right call).  On top of that, he shot just 10-for-30 from the field and had eight turnovers. Not exactly a glorious showing.

While the shot was spectacular, why does he have to expose the coach after the game is over? He doesn’t always have to tell us that he’s the man. He didn’t need to tell us that he changed the play. It was a bad look to do that.

As underwhelming as that series has been, The Clippers and the Rockets have been even worse. Granted, the offense has been better, but the constant fouling has been ridiculous. DeAndre Jordan shot 34 free-throws in game four alone and made only 14. Thats just pathetic. It’s time for the league to change that rule so that we don’t have to be subjected to that type of garbage anymore.

That leads us to the Golden State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies. Somewhere along the way the Warriors forgot what color they were wearing. Thats how bad the passing has been. Maybe its time to re-learn what a back cut is because the Grizzlies wings have completely overplayed Thompson and Curry the whole series. You don’t always have to settle for contested threes.

A ball fake and a drive would help some too. It would collapse the defense and lead to plenty of lay-ups. I know it’s not the most exciting way to get things done, but it’s better than jacking up contested 40-foot threes all game long. My hop is that the Warriors can figure it out because Memphis is hard to watch. Its more like football than basketball at times because the refs are allowing the games to get very physical, but Golden State didnt make enough adjustments to counteract it.

Speaking of officials – it’s their job to call fouls. It doesn’t when they occur. If it’s a foul then they need to call it. I’m just so sick of the idea that the refs don’t want to decide games so they don’t make calls down the stretch. If a player decides to foul that they are deciding the game and the ref has to make the call. LeBron should have been at the free-throw line to take the lead late in that game and not drawing up his own play to win the game. After all, he was clearly fouled when he went to the bucket, but the refs didnt blow their whistles. Not only did that leave the Cavs to make a huge shot for the win, but it also hurt the Bulls. If then would have actually called the foul then there is a good chance that Chicago would have got the ball back to try to answer. When refs decide to ignore these blatantly obvious calls it changes the complexion of games and sometimes the even whole series. And that just has to stop

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