Who is the best ever?

Do you love sports history? Have you wondered who the best player ever was in your favorite sport or who the top 10 guys are at each position?

Since I love to rank players and I am the biggest geek for the history of sports, we here at Jmoneysports.com have decided to dig deep and create the rankings of some of the most talked about sports in the upcoming months. We have already done this in numerous areas, but want to cover even more.

We will do team and school rankings, position rankings, all-decade and all-time teams as well as creating lists of the best players of all in each sport.

While this will be a huge undertaking, it will be worth the time. After all, everyone loves to talk about who is the best and we want to throw our two cents into your argument.

Some of these lists will no doubt cause plenty of reaction since we all look at things differently. Like priceless works of art – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Along those lines, feel free to tell us about your lists and why we are wrong in our rankings.  One of the best parts of stories like this is the debate and we welcome that interaction.

If you have ideas on things you would like us to rank in the sports world, feel free to reach out and we will do what we can to knock out something that you will enjoy.

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