The Race to Nowhere In Youth Sports

As I read this article I began to think of all the kids who didn’t play sports and missed out on some of the greatest joys because people out there will ruin the experience.
That to me is very sad because I understand the values that sports brought to my life and still does.
I learned hard work and team work and what it means to dedicate myself to get better. I learned about rejection and what it means to both win and lose. I also learned that losing is a part of life and that it can be overcome through work and sacrifice.
The problem with today’s society is that kids are getting destroyed at a young age by both parents and coaches. And what it’s doing is robbing these kids of the value of the games.
Too many parents think that youth sports is a path to a college scholarship or better yet, fame and fortune. That is very rarely the case. The pressure from parents needs to stop so that kids can enjoy the experience.
As for coaches, some are awesome, but others feel like they will get seen by some talent scout and they will go from coaching 5th grade super league to the NBA or something. They will do whatever it takes to win and that’s wrong. It’s about teaching skills and fundamentals and trying to help kids develop as players and as people.
My 11-year-old nephew lost a playoff game and he had the biggest smile on his face. His teammates were crying, but he was happy because it was over. His coach had totally taken his love for football away because of how he acted (yelled and screamed the whole time and never offered encouragement).
I’m not sure my nephew will ever play football again after that.
It’s time for people to set up programs that develop love for sports and all the good things that come along with that without the attitude that comes along with most youth sports.
I have a deep love for sports and wouldn’t want kids to miss out on great experiences because of how parents and coaches run things.


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