The best players in Jazz franchise history

Since the NBA season starts tomorrow I thought it was the perfect time to revisit my ranking of the best 25 players in Jazz history.


The Jazz franchise has been around for 40 years and there have been plenty of great players during that time.  They have had numerous All-Stars, All-NBA players and even an MVP.  There have been many career honors as well, including seven Hall of Famers and three players named to the 50 greatest players in 1996.
This list is composed of the best 25 players that the Jazz have ever had.

Even though the current rendition of the Utah Jazz has a ton of young potential none of the players has done enough to deserve inclusion.

Note:  since this is a list of the best players in Jazz history, no other part of their career is included while deciding where each player ranks.

25.  Aaron James: James spent his entire NBA career as a member of the Jazz.  James averaged double figures in scoring in four of his five seasons to…

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