Pat Haden and the committee

All it took was two weeks of college football to realize that the selection committee is made up of people who have far too much of a stake in certain schools to make an unbiased decision when it comes to who will play in the first college football final four.  While I have felt this way since the day that the committee was announced, today was just more proof that this is the case.

The 13 member committee is comprised of people who all have ties to individual high-profile schools, including some that are currently employed by those institutions.  The most notable are the current athletic directors of USC, West Virginia and Wisconsin.  All three schools are football powers ( or have been in the recent past) who have a really good chance of being involved in the playoff in the foreseeable future, which means their AD’s shouldnt have any kind of say. I fully understand that they are not allowed in the room when the decisions are made about their respective school, but their presence and influence make it completely unfair.

That influence reared its ugly head today when USC athletic director Pat Haden stormed the field after a questionable call and made himself an unnecessary part of the story line in the USC game against Stanford.

If he was just the A.D. then his actions in confronting an official would just be considered inappropriate, but since he is part of the committee his actions have to be considered borderline tampering.  After all, you can’t play what some may consider a small part in the outcome of a game that may play a huge role as to whether his school earns a spot in the first college football playoff.



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