The greatness of the BYU – Utah rivalry, part 4: the games

This is what we will all be missing for the next two years.


With the rivalry game only moments away, it’s time for the fourth and final installment of the greatness of this series.  Now that we’ve covered the quotes, the performances and the plays, this last installment is about the great games.  There have been so many games in this series that it’s hard to cover them all.

It will come to no surprise to you that some of the greatest games have already been mentioned in the first three parts.  That shouldn’t be a shock considering that great players and great plays generally come from great and important games.

There are different ways to judge what an important game is and what isn’t.  As a Cougar fan, I am clearly partial to games that BYU won and even if it was a blow out.  What can I say? Those games are more important in my eyes!  That is not how I…

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