The greatness of the BYU – Utah Rivalry, Part 1: the quotes

To go along with my rant from yesterday about my feelings on the game not being played for the next two seasons, I have decided to put out my stories on why the Holy War is one of the best rivalries in sports. Here is Part #1.


With everyone talking about what is going to happen on Saturday and who is going to win, I’ve decided to take another angle on the rivalry game between BYU and Utah.  In this four-part series I want to look back and reminisce about what makes this game so special including the best games, plays, individual performances and smack talk of the last 25 years.

Part one: the quotes

There have been more than a few memorable quotes when it comes to the Holy War and that will never change.  Players have always loved to talk smack and the passion of this rivalry seems to bring it out in them even more.  The players aren’t the only ones however who have provided bulletin board material for the other team and that is where we start our list.

“When Brigham Young came into the valley, he pointed to where the University of…

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