Horrible defense dooms Brazil in loss to Germany

As a very impatient person by nature, I couldn’t wait to watch the World Cup semifinal match long after it was played. That left me the opportunity to listen to the game on the radio just so that I could get the action live.

What I heard was shocking on so many levels that I was in complete and utter disbelief. At one point, it got so bad that I had to call someone watching the game to make sure it was real. I was glued to the radio through the whole thing and couldn’t believe what a disaster it was for Brazil. The announcers trashed their defense the whole time as Germany scored goal after goal, but I thought it must have been an exaggeration. That was until I got to see the match. The announcers were actually being to kind most of the time. That was some of the worst defending I have seen at any skill level in my entire life. At one point, I thought that grown men must’ve been on the field with kids, but then I realized that kids may have fared better. The scored finished 7-1, but it really wasn’t even that close. The Germans took their collective foot off the gas not long after they scored their fifth goal, which came before the 30 minute mark.

Not sure that there are enough words to describe just how bad the game turned out for the home side. The only thing that could accurately paint the picture of how awful it got were the faces in the crowd. There were tears and screams and levels of agony I have never seen before.  And that was the last thing that I (or anyone else) ever expected before the match began.

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