A day to remember the Iron Horse

Today is the 75th anniversary of the iconic speech from Yankee legend, Lou Gehrig. That gives us the perfect opportunity to look at the remarkable career of one of the games greatest players.

That speech came more than two months after he had played his final game, on a day where he was being honored for his wonderful accomplishments in the game of baseball. And his accomplishments were many.

Plenty of fans don’t know much about Gehrig other than that speech. We know Babe Ruth for his amazing power, Ty Cobb for his attitude and off the field stories and we know about Honus Wagner because of his multi million dollar baseball card. Gehrig was on the same level as these all-time greats and might have been even better had he not had to end his career at 35 years old.

Gehrig could do it all when he stepped up to the plate. In fact, he was a wizard with a bat in his hands. He hit for power and average. He was clutch with men on base and was one of the best of all-time at drawing a walk. His on base percentage is legendary no matter the era and so is his OPS. He finished top 5 in MVP voting in eight different seasons and won the award twice. He even won the triple crown in 1934, but amazingly, that only placed him fifth in the MVP voting.

Gehrig is a legend of the game in every sense of the word and we will never see another one like him again.

He was taken too soon, but the legacy he left was one for the ages.


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