The Sports-nado is coming

I love sports and I love sports talk radio, when they actually talk sports.  Unfortunately, most people on sports talk radio hardly ever talk about sports anymore.  They are too worried about breaking stories and they talk about scandal, crime and all the other stuff that surrounds the games.  There is nothing wrong with that, but it’s not what I want to hear.  Sports is a release for me and for so many others and all we want to do is break down games, talk about the history and discuss who’s best.

Since there are very few places to find this kind of talk anymore, it is time for me to start-up my podcast again.  If I can’t hear anyone talk about sports (and only sports) then I will take the reins and do it myself.

My podcast will be known as The Sports-nado, a whirlwind of sports knowledge and opinion.  It will consist of sports topics and nothing more.  I will talk about the games and how they were played.  Break down drafts, trade scenarios and talk about the best and the brightest that the sports we love have to offer.  Last, but certainly not least, I will talk about the history of the games and what has made them so great.  As part of that I will do my favorite thing, which is to discuss and compare the legends of each sport.

Sports are an awesome thing and I feel that it’s time to talk about them again, and that’s exactly what we will do on The Sports-nado.


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