Ranking the best fifth overall picks in the history of the NBA draft: #20 – 16.

20. Jack Marin: Marin was taken by the Baltimore Bullets in the 1966 draft. He played for 11 seasons in the NBA for the Bullets, Houston Rockets, Buffalo Braves and the Chicago Bulls. His best season came with the Bullets in 1971-72 when Marin made his first all-star game after averaging 22.3 points on the strength of a league-leading 89.4 percent shooting from the free-throw line, 6.8 rebounds and 2.2 assists in 78 games.

For his career, the two-time all-star averaged 14.8 points, 5.2 rebounds and 2.1 assists in 849 games.

19. Purvis Short: Short was taken by the Golden State Warriors in the 1978 draft. Short played 12 seasons in the NBA for the Warriors, Houston Rockets and the New Jersey Nets. His best stretch came with the Warriors when Short finished in the top 10 in the league in scoring three straight seasons. His most productive season came with Golden State in 1984-85 when Short averaged 28 points, 5.1 rebounds, three assists and 1.5 steals in 78 games.

For his career, Short averaged 17.3 points, 4.3 rebounds, 2.5 assists and one steal in 842 games.

18. Steve Smith: Smith was taken by the Miami Heat in the 1991 draft. Smith played 14 seasons in the NBA with the Heat, Atlanta Hawks, Portland Trail Blazers San Antonio Spurs, New Orleans Hornets and the Charlotte Bobcats. His best season came with the Atlanta Hawks in 1997-98 when Smith made his only all-star appearance after averaging 20.1 points, 4.2 rebounds, four assists and one steal in 73 games.

For his career, Smith averaged 14.3 points, 3.2 rebounds and 3.1 assists in 942 games.

17. Frank Ramsey: Ramsey was selected by the Boston Celtics in the 1953 NBA draft. Ramsey played his entire nine-year career with the Celtics and was a huge part of seven NBA Championship teams. His most productive season came in 1957-58 when Ramsey averaged a career-high 16.5 points, 7.3 rebounds and 2.4 assists in 69 games.

For his career, Ramsey averaged 13.4 points, 5.5 rebounds and 1.8 assists in 623 games. He was inducted in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1982.

16. Johnny Green: Green was taken by the New York Knicks in the 1959 draft. Green played 14 seasons in the NBA for the Knicks, Baltimore Bullets, San Diego Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers and the Cincinnati Royals. Green averaged a double-double in points and rebounds in five different seasons, including four of his first five years in the league. The four-time all-star had his most productive season in 1962-63 with the Knicks when he tallied a career-high 18.1 points to go along with 12.1 rebounds and 1.9 assists in 80 games.

For his career, Green averaged 11.6 points, 8.6 rebounds and 1.4 assists in 1,057 games.

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