What does passing on the draft combine say about Parker, Wiggins and Embiid?

According to Jeff Goodman, sources have told ESPN that Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid and Jabari Parker will not be participating in the NBA draft combine that will be taking place in Chicago Later this week.

That begs the question, what are these decisions based on?  At this moment in time Wiggins, Embiid and Parker are considered the best three prospects entering the 2014 draft.  The only reason from them not to workout at the combine is so they don’t lose that distinction.  Is that really the way you want to enter the NBA?  I thought sports is about killer instinct and wanting to prove you are the best.  To succeed In the NBA you must have drive, determination and the ability to work longer and harder than your opponent (on top of having a great deal of skill and athleticism).

Each of these three passed on the opportunity to show those things in Chicago and that always worries me.  I know the draft combine isn’t the most ideal situation to show off your skills and that you may face some adverse conditions, but that something that each guy needs to be prepared for.  They are going to have to face difficult situations on the court at least 41 times a year when they go on the road, so why not get used to the pressure of performing on a big stage when there are no fans in the stands.

I know the NBA is big business and players don’t want to do anything to hurt their draft stock, but sometimes decisions need to be based purely on basketball and not on business.  After all, if you love basketball and you want to be the best then why not just step up and prove it instead of leaving everyone guessing for the guarantee of a few more dollars in your first contract.


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