What has happened to the basketball IQ in the game today?

Have you ever wondered what happened to the basketball IQ of a lot of todays NBA players? I think that just about every time I watch a game.  The reason for that is you just see so many things that even the youngest and most inexperienced coaches would absolutely freak out about (and I have seen it happen).

The first thing that fits into this category is when you foul a jump shooting when he is shooting a 3-point shot.  That is like basketball 101.  It’s just something that you cannot do in any situation.  It is the Cardinal Sin in basketball, yet we have to watch it happen at an alarming rate in the playoffs.  To make matters worse, it is leading to a ridiculous amount of 4-point plays.  That shouldnt even be possible if these out of position defenders were more careful.

The second thing that shows a lack of a basketball IQ (or just plan horrible scouting) is when a defender doubles-down on a useless post player.  Why would you leave Kevin Durant to double Kendrick Perkins? Are they really that worried about Perkins on the offensive end that they would leave the best scorer in the world wide open for an easy jumper? That is clearly where team philosophy breaks down and you just have to think about what is the smart thing to do.  Kevin Durant is going to beat you, not Kendrick Perkins.

These are just a few of the things that happen on the court that show that more than a handful of guys don’t think the game like they should.  Basketball is a beautiful game to watch when it is played right and it is far easier to be successful at it if you are willing to think the game as well as you can play it.  All you have to do is look back at old game film of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird to see my point.  Neither was the most athletic player in the world, but both were incredible to watch because they could think the game.


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