Sports is Life, confessions of a sports addict

I love sports and have since I could remember, and not just the games either.  I love just about everything that goes into it too.  I love the breakdowns, the X and O’s and the back stories.  I love the history, can’t get enough of the present and love to analyze the prospects of the future.  Sports were, are and will be my life and that’s the way it should be for me.  I married a sports girl (and couldn’t have had it any other way).  Since it is my life it is time to make it my living.  After all, I play sports, watch sports, think sports, read sports, write sports and talk sports.

I realize that I am not the only one who has a passion for sports, but I may be the only one who is so completely wrapped up in them.  There are plenty out there who do a lot of those things.  What sets me apart is my level of dedication to the games I love.  Not only does it take most of my focus every day, but I also wear sports, collect sports and decorate sports.  My shirts (jerseys) and shorts, jackets and hoodies, hats and shoes are all sports based.  I have McFarlanes, starting lineups, bobble heads, mini masks and other assorted memorabilia filling my house on what most would call an excessive level.  Even the home decor is all about sports.  Right when you step into my home and you see the throw back Pistol Pete Maravich Hawks jersey hanging On the wall you know that’s true.

It is an addiction and an obsession like you could never imagine, but its mine.  I claim it, I own it and I am proud of it.  The reason for that is because I know the things I learned from sports shaped my life and made me the man I am today.  They taught me hard work and dedication, team work and how to handle losing.  They taught me about desire and setting goals and never settling for anything less than what I want.  They taught me about killer instinct and never backing down when things get tough.  They taught me about what it means to be a man and what I need to do to find success.

The value I place in sports isn’t on the same level as I place in faith and family, but its the only thing I have ever been involved in that comes remotely close to those foundation blocks and that won’t change.  Sports are my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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