The worst sports injuries and falls you will ever see: basketball

With the news coming out in the last few days that Louisville forward Kevin Ware had decided to transfer to Georgia State to finish out his college career I began to think about his gruesome leg injury from the 2012 NCAA tournament.  That is a sight I will never forget.  While thinking of that terrible moment I started to think about all of the other awful injuries that sports fans have witnessed in the past and thought it would make an interesting thing to write about.

A story like this would be nothing without video or pictures of the actual injuries themselves so I have to warn you that some, if not all of these injuries are very disturbing to watch and not meant for people who have a weak stomach.  After all, some of these injuries are just nasty.

Since there are so many I have decided to split it up into sports and then one group of just random ones.

Warning: These videos are graphic and not meant for those with weak stomachs. 

1.  Kevin Ware, Louisville

Since he was the motivation for the story in the first one, he needs to be the first guy on the list.  It was remarkable that Louisville was able to go on and win this game after watching a teammate’s leg break in half.

2.  Jorge Garbajosa, Toronto Raptors

The video is long and you can’t see the injury very well, but you can clearly tell that Garbajosa is in terrible pain.  Just listen to the screams and have a look at his leg.  The injury takes place just after the 3:50 mark in the video.

3.  Shaun Livingston, Los Angeles Clippers

Even to this day, this video is hard to watch.  He just goes up for a basic lay-up and his leg gets destroyed.   The still photos about a minute in are crazy looking.

4.  Andrew Bogut, Milwaukee Bucks

What started out as an easy fast break dunk for Bogut turned into one of the worst arm injuries I have ever seen.

5.  David Robinson, San Antonio Spurs

Although the injury from this play doesn’t compare to any of the others on this list the fall may be one of the scariest things I have ever seen.  I hasnt sure if he was going to get up at all.

6.  Isiah Thomas, Detroit Pistons

Karl Malone was at it again and this time you can actually hear Thomas’s face busting wide open.  The elbow resulted in a bunch of stitches and a bunch of upset Pistons.

7. Kenyon Martin, Cincinnati Bearcats

The video isn’t very long but just watch his leg as Martin falls.  It gets caught right underneath him in the fall.

8. Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns

Nash is as tough as they come and this little video proves it.  Just have a look at Grant Hill’s face after Nash breaks his nose and then he just grabs it and pops it back into place.

9.  Rajon Rondo, Boston Celtics

As a Celtics fan, this is just one of the reasons why I don’t like Dwyane Wade.  It pulls Rondo to the ground for no reason.  Just watch Rondo’s elbow.

10.  Rudy Tomjanovich, Houston Rockets

Although the video isn’t to painful to watch, what this punch caused was so bad that a whole book was written about it.  And a great book at that.  If you see before and after photos of Tomjanovich you can see how much damage one punch can inflict.


2 thoughts on “The worst sports injuries and falls you will ever see: basketball

  1. UGH!!! Videos!! i have seen all of these once and dont need to see them again, but i totally agree!! the Ron livingston one is the worst for me especially after my 2 ACL surguries!!!


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