Follow the warning signs before it’s too late

I was on the freeway when the signs above started flashing, road closed at 3300 south, Major delays.  I got off at the next exit, but noticed very few cars did.  My exit allowed me to see how far the road was backed up and saw all the frustrated drivers that were just stuck. That reminded me so much of life as a whole.  There are warning signs all around us that are meant to protect us and to point us in the right direction.  Signs like caution hot, or wet paint, do not touch.  They are there so that we don’t burn ourselves or ruin our clothes.
Just like the people on the freeway, many of us choose to ignore the warnings and continue to go on when we know there will be a price to pay. For those people who ignored the signs today, they will waste an hour or two of their lives because of it.  For us, when we ignore the warning signs in life the consequences can be much more dire.  If we want to avoid the consequences we need to make sure that we follow the warning signs we are given everyday.  They will make our lives much easier if we do so.

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