Four important things to remember when you are filling out your NCAA tournament bracket

Here are some very important things to remember when you are picking your bracket for the big dance.  At this point in the season of NCAA basketball, big time players win games.  With that in mind, pick the teams that have some of the best players in the country. Chances are they will step up big and carry teams farther in the tournament then the teams that don’t have players of that caliber. Look for guys like Doug McDermott, Andrew Wiggins, Marcus Smart, Julius Randle ,Russ Smith Jabari Parker and Melvin Ejim to step up in a big way.

The second thing to look for his senior laden teams.  Teams tend to play better under the bright lights of the NCAA tournament if they’ve been there before. Rosters filled with juniors and seniors are much more likely to make a deep run in the dance.

The third thing to look for is great coaching.  If a team has an exceptional coach then chances are they are more prepared to make a run.  They have seen just about every situation out there and know how to handle it.

Last and most important of all when picking your bracket is to have fun.  The chances of you winning a Billion dollars is next to impossible so don’t put too much pressure on yourself when making your picks.  If the experts don’t get every game right (and trust me, THEY DON’T), then chances are you won’t either.  Sometimes you win and other times you lose, but its the experience that matters, so make sure you enjoy it.

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