Fat Man in Little Clothes

I would like to play a game for a minute, a visualization game… now picture if you will a man, a man who is 6’3″ and 275 pounds.  Now picture that man in a pair of leggings and a skin-tight shirt, maybe even a belly shirt or a halter top.  I will give you a minute to find the nearest bathroom after that horrible sight because frankly that might make some of you sick.   Don’t forget to grab a mint on the way back.

What you may have just pictured can be described as disgusting or gross and even nauseating to Some.  That is clearly not acceptable dress in our mainstream world and very few if any of you would want to see it.  It’s just flat-out inappropriate.

You may have guessed by now that I am the man described above.  Just imagine the comments I would get if I dressed that way.  Chances are they wouldn’t be very nice.  And just picture the stares I would get by those who wouldn’t dare say anything, but who would be disgusted just the same.  If that is the reaction that I would get wearing such attire, then why is it okay for women to dress in such a way? Isn’t it inappropriate for them to dress that way too? And not just the larger ladies but for the ladies that are slender and shapely as well? We have clearly drawn lines of what we find acceptable, but are they the right lines?  If it’s not okay for me to dress that way (and trust me, I would never want to), then why is it okay for anyone else to do so?

I am all for dressing comfortably and I do my best to do so everyday, but I also think we need to be modest when we do so.  Nobody should have to see your “assets” unwittingly or unwillingly no matter how nice you think you look.

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