It’s Time for the NBA Dunk Contest to return to its Roots

The six-foot sub was picked up, the television was set and the house was full of friends and family ready to watch All-Star Saturday night.  A great night was planned for one of my favorite sports events of the year until the whole event started and what I saw as a fan was just hugely disappointing.

The dunk contest has been one of those things that I haven’t missed in years because I loved it so much.  The skill level is crazy, the athleticism is off the charts and the dunks at time where mind-blowing.

I had those same expectations going into last nights contest, but like everyone watching with me, I was extremely displeased.  There were some really sick dunks, that wasn’t the issue at all.  Ben McLemore, Paul George, John Wall, Terrence Ross and Damian Lillard were all very impressive.  What was just terrible was the format.  The team contest was just stupid.  Dunking is an individual thing.  There was no real contest involved and definitely not enough dunks.

What happened to the old format when you get eight guys to dunk and have three rounds?  That was and always will be the best way to decide a winner.  Three dunks a round and you throw out the lowest score and go from eight to four and then to two.

I want to see a winner and I want to see what guys can do.  They are some of the best athletes in the world and I want to see them perform at the highest level.

This team garbage has just got to go.  Change isn’t always necessary and it isn’t always good either.  Time to go back to the old school style and give us a true Champion and not just a flash of how could each player could be.

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