Jazz trade for Bynum should be a no brainer

Rumors surfaced that the Jazz and Cavaliers were in discussions about a deal that would bring Andrew Bynum to the Jazz and send Richard Jefferson to Cleveland.

To me this deal is an absolute no brainer for Utah.  You can cut Bynum and save yourself from having to pay him and remove one of the biggest hindrances on the Jazz roster.  That is the fact that Jefferson plays far too many minutes.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the purpose of this season was to see if the young guys could play.  Having a guy like Jefferson around has limited the minutes of The likes of Jeremy Evans, Alec Burks, Brandon Rush and even Enes Kanter.

Using Jefferson has made little sense to me the entire season let alone 40 minutes some nights.

He isn’t a part of your long-term plan (even if he was, the Jazz aren’t part of his) And he is messing with your chances to get a high draft pick.

Its time to move on from Jefferson and create more minutes for all your young stars before it’s too late.

The only way the Jazz can build a contender is through the draft and making this move will only improve those chances.

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