Memo to BYU football fans: Bronco is the right man for the job.

As a die-hard BYU fan, it frustrates me to no end when over zealous and out-of-touch fans do silly things like say that Bronco Mendenhall should be fired.

That is one of the most outlandish things I have ever heard.  If that is your thought process than your expectations for BYU are way out of whack.

This isn’t the 80’s anymore.

You have to remember how far the Cougars have come.  If you would like proof, all you have to do is look at the numbers.  When Bronco took the job, BYU was coming off three straight losing seasons.  With Bronco at the helm, BYU has A record of 82-34, made nine straight bowl games and finished The season ranked in the top 25 four times.

In legendary coach LaVell Edwards’ last nine seasons the Cougars played in six bowl games and finished the season in the top 25 three times.

Under Bronco, BYU has won 6-of-9 bowl games while LaVell Has a record of 7-14-1 in his 22 bowl appearances. Bronco has a winning percentage of 70.7 while laVell’s is 71.6.

Some misguided BYU fans clearly don’t understand what the Cougars have in Bronco Mendenhall.  Just because BYU hasn’t won a National Championship under Bronco doesn’t mean he hasn’t done an incredible job and the numbers clearly show us that.

If you disagree with that then maybe you should get a clue and not overreact to every little set back that the Cougars have.  You can’t be great every year.  Even great programs like Texas, Florida State, Alabama and USC have had plenty of struggles.

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