A sad day for Jags fans as Blackmon gets suspended again

Today is a sad day for me as a football fan.  One of the most physically gifted wide receivers and athlete’s in general will no longer be playing on my fantasy football teams nor will he get to play in the NFL the rest of this season.

It was announced that Jacksonville Jaguars wide out Justin Blackmon has been suspended indefinitely for violating the NFL substance abuse policy.

Blackmon already missed the first four games of the season for a similar infraction.

With the suspension he is short-changing all of his fans and also short-changing himself.

I hate to see this happen for a few reasons.  One is because he is a remarkable talent and fantastic to watch when he’s in a game.  That is the one reason that really doesn’t matter however.

Second is that life is more important than any game and clearly Blackmon doesn’t have that in order.  He is still very young and needs to realize that there are consequences for his actions before he throws his career and his whole life away.

The NFL doesn’t give very many chances when it comes to the substance abuse policy and he doesn’t have many left.  If he wants to continue to play football at the highest level then Blackmon needs to figure that out before he runs out of options.



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