If it’s your job then do the work

Sports icon1
Sports icon1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As a sports addict I listen to and watch sports pretty much every waking moment.  As such, I know when sports personalities on radio and television haven’t done the same or even close to it.


If it’s your job to have an opinion the one thing you need to do is be informed.  The only way that you can do that is by watching games.  If that isn’t something you are willing to do for your job then maybe you are in the wrong business.


People don’t care if you have an opinion if it’s not at all valid.  There is nothing that is more frustrating to me as a sports freak then to hear some talking head pop off about something where he or she has virtually no knowledge on the subject.


You shouldn’t need to read copy or have writers because you should know what you are talking about.


Now, I completely understand that people aren’t as dedicated as I am when it comes to sports but if that’s your chosen profession you can at least do a little work.  It’s not that difficult.


If that is just too much to ask then maybe it’s time to find something that you have enough passion for to take a little time to be know what you are talking about to be good at your job.


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