Jazz finally bring in NBA ready point guard to run the show while Burke is sidelined

The Utah Jazz has re-signed veteran point guard Jamaal Tinsley.


While I understand that the Jazz needed to figure out what they had at the point guard position during the preseason, this move came at least two weeks too late.


English: Jamaal Tinsley in 2006
English: Jamaal Tinsley in 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Other than first round draft pick Trey Burke, who is injured, there was not a point guard on the Jazz roster who is even close to worthy of starting or getting starters minutes.  John Lucas III is no more than a third string point guard in the NBA and if he were to get big minutes the Jazz would be much worse than even the low expectations that everyone has for them.  The sad thing is that Lucas was the only lead guard on the active roster that is anywhere close to an NBA player.


The addition of Tinsley does a few things to make the Jazz better right away.  He is a veteran lead guard who understands the rigors of the NBA.  He understands the Jazz system and what they want to do, especially on the offensive side of the floor.  He knows the Jazz personnel and what they need to be successful.  He is also an extremely hard-working player who can be a great example for the young Jazz roster and provide floor leadership.


He was a great fit playing with the Jazz’ young guys a season ago and should help players like Derrick Favors, Enes Kanter and Alec Burks during their NBA maturation process.


This is an excellent move for the Jazz that will translate into at least a few more wins this season and will give Trey Burke a mentor that he will very much need when he returns to the lineup.




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