The year for college basketball

Not very many people on this planet await the start of college basketball like I do.  There are more than a few basketball fans that say the sport has lost its luster.  The one and done rule has a Lot to do with that.


This year the one and done rule is the reason we are going to have one of the most unforgettable basketball seasons since I was a kid.

English: Basketball article stub icon
English: Basketball article stub icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The incoming class of freshman is the most heralded and talented that I can remember in a generation.  That’s not hyperbole either.  There are freshman stars that ended up all over the country who would have been first round picks in the NBA draft had they been allowed to enter.


Some of the players are already national names even outside of the game.  Guys like Julius Randle of Kentucky, Jabari Parker of Duke and Andrew Wiggins of Kansas.  There is no doubt that all three will be stars but may very well end up of college legends even if they just play one season.


Because of My passion for college basketball and all of the hype surrounding this year’s freshman class my coverage this year will be unmatched.


There will be individual trackers of all of the best freshman including stats and analysis. I will also do a lottery pick big board based on how the season is going.  The reason for the second part is because so many NBA fans have a huge interest on how these great players do.  There is already plenty of speculation out there that a few NBA teams are trying to tank this year just so they have the best shot at draft Wiggins or Parker.


Before the season starts I will do a piece so that you can get to know the background of the most exciting freshman class that I can ever remember.


This is going to be a great season of college basketball and even though we are right in the middle of some other fantastic sports I am already fired up for it to get started.


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