Ranking the best starting quarterbacks in the NFL today: #24-17


24.  Cam Newton- After a solid effort in an opening week loss to the Seahawks, Newton has really struggled with his accuracy and the Panthers are suffering because of it.  If the Panthers want any chance of making the playoffs than Newton needs to step his game up and soon.  It feels like he is afraid to run the ball anymore and I think that it hurts his effectiveness.

23.  Ryan Tannehill- Tannehill has looked solid in every game this season except for the week four match-up with the Saints.  His decision-making was bad that night and he showed us all why he isn’t ready for stardom just yet.  If Tannehill can help the Dolphins bounce back from back to back losses, they still have a shot at the post season.

22.  Robert Griffin- in my opinion, Griffin wasn’t ready to be back on the field the first few weeks of the season and it showed.  He clearly isn’t as mobile as he needs to be and is turning the ball over way too much.  I fully expect that the Bye week helped Griffin immensely and he will be closer to his old self this week against the Cowboys.

21.  Jake Locker- Locker was off to his best season in the NFL until he took a late hit and got injured.  Although he wasn’t throwing for a ton of yards he was making really good decisions with the ball as witnessed by the fact that he hasn’t thrown an interception this season.  Hopefully he picks up right where he left off when Locker gets back on the field later this year.

Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans
Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

20.  Matt Schaub- Schaub now owns an NFL record all by himself and it’s not one that any quarterback would like to have.  He has thrown pick-sixes in the last four games.  After starting the season out okay, Schaub and the Texans have looked bad the last few weeks.  Schaub is throwing way too many interceptions and if he can’t fix it then the Texans are going nowhere.

19.  Andy Dalton- Dalton has been very streaky in the early season and turns the ball over too much.  The Bengals have only scored 19 points in the last two weeks because Dalton cant seem to find the end zone.  Even though he hasn’t been great< Dalton is completing over 65 percent of his passes and the Bengals are 3-2.

18.  Colin Kaepernick- Kaepernick really needs to start running the ball again if he wants to regain the form he had last season. He stays in the pocket far too long and has caused him to turn the ball over far too much.  He has completed less than 50 percent of his passes in three of the Niners five games and needs to improve on that a great deal.  For all of his flaws, Kaepernick is still extremely gifted on the field if he doesn’t make himself one-dimensional.

English: Sam Bradford, quarterback for the Okl...
English: Sam Bradford, quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners football team, prepares to pass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

17.  Sam Bradford- Bradford finally has a few decent receivers around him and it has helped him out a great deal.  When Bradford has time in the pocket to throw he has looked pretty good.  The Rams are still a work in progress but Bradford has enough talent to lead the Rams back to the playoffs in the next few years.

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