What a beautiful day for a baseball game, or four

English: baseball game
English: baseball game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are a baseball fan or a sports fan in general, today is one of the best days of the year for you.

In my mind, it’s even better than opening day.  The reason It’s such a great day in baseball is quite simple.  All four league division series are being played today and the games are properly spaced out to be able to watch almost every at bat (If you have the day off).  Those are two things that don’t normally happen.  Usually we have games that are overlapping or at the same time.  Today there will be some overlap but only for Just a short time and that is completely understandable.  You can only start games so early.

I didn’t plan my day out well enough to be able to watch every game but the at bats I don’t see, I will be able to listen to.

I actually don’t have an issue with listening to the games though.  I think radio is one of the great mediums to consume a baseball game.  I can drive around in my car with the windows down and listen to the skilled announcers describe the magic of the baseball playoffs.

The job of a baseball announcer is one of the most difficult in sports because of the down time but they guys who are on the air during the playoffs are such masterful story tellers.  It is a wonderful treat for me to get to experience the game that way.  I can just picture myself being there with a hot dog in hand and all.  In some ways it is even better when you consider that you don’t have to deal with the drunken clown sitting by you that isn’t making any sense.

No matter which way you get to take in today’s games, know that it is one of the best days of the baseball year.  We have the eight best teams in the game battling it out for the opportunity to get to the fall classic.  The intensity is just awesome even for fans that don’t have a team in the race.

Now it’s time for me to sit back, relax and take in the wonder that is a full day of great playoff baseball and it doesn’t get much better than that.

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