The NCAA got it wrong with Penn State, again.

I have wanted to talk about this topic ever since I started this blog but it didn’t come back into the news long enough for me to feel it an appropriate time to get my opinion out there.  Now that’s its back in the news I feel its the right time.  It was announced that the NCAA would be restoring the scholarships taken away in the Jerry Sandusky decision.  They will restore five scholarships next year and do the same until they have their full complement by 2016.

Talking heads keep saying that this is a good decision and that the NCAA was too harsh in the first place but I have a huge issue with this.  If anything, the NCAA was far too lenient in their punishment of Penn State.  Something is wrong with this world if taking away scholarships and fining the school and having a bowl ban are any kind of punishment for letting such a horrible situation to go on in and around your institution.

My opinion is that Penn State shouldn’t have a football program at all and that their entire athletic department needed to be disbanded.  When your school administration and your athletic director turn a blind eye because it would make the school look bad then their priorities are all out of whack.  That showed the ultimate lack of institutional control.

For that reason there shouldn’t be any school sponsored sports at Penn State.  Now I know what you are thinking, that you can’t punish everybody for a few people’s mistakes but we all know that’s not true.  That’s why we have most of the rules and stipulations placed on us and even most of the laws.  Those things are set in place not for the 95 percent, but for the 5 percent who need them.

I have always felt and continue to feel that all of the Penn State athletes should have been able to transfer with no penalties and that the athletic department should have been closed.  When you worry about wins and embarrassment more than you worry about the lives of children and young people who you have been enlisted to protect then you are failing as a program and as people.  You need to be punished accordingly.  Fines, scholarships and bowl bans weren’t enough at the time and will never be going forward.  So giving back some of those lost scholarships just because it is damaging the program too much is ridiculous.

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