Before you click the like button at least view it first

Something funny seems to happen on blogs and it is rather interesting.  Just like on Facebook and Twitter you can like or favorite a post.  like most people, I only hit that button if it’s something that I liked to read.  When someone likes a story on my blog I truly hope it is for the same reason but that is not always the case.

What happened to me tonight was a perfect example of what I am talking about.  I finished a story very late that I was quite proud of.  I had put a lot of time an effort into the piece and thought it was good work.  As soon as I posted the finished product I noticed that it already had a like attached to it.  I thought that was kind of strange so I went into my stats to see how many reads it had.  To my amazement the story had not been read yet.  I went back into my story to share it a few other ways when the like button came on again.  Being naturally curious after what just happened, I clicked back to my page views and the story still had not been viewed.

I understand how blogging works and that you need to do a fair amount of networking to get your name out there but at least click on the story first before you hit the like button, even if you don’t read it.  If I know that you have taken the time to click on my stories there is a good chance that I will return the favor.  There are some very skilled bloggers out there that deserve some attention and I try to give them a read as much as possible, just not click like before I even view the story.


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