Think before you act

I know that everyone seems to have accepted the explanation given to us by Trevor Reilly, Jake Murphy and Coach Whittingham but I think that everyone is still missing something here.  In the politically correct world that we live in today you can’t even do anything close to make fun of people without it being an issue and after watching the video I don’t buy the explanation at all.  Maybe they don’t think that they were doing something wrong or that they weren’t making light of something that is very important in people’s lives but you still can’t do something like that.  It’s way too close and they totally knew how people would take it.

The thing that really kills me is that no matter their intentions they clearly didn’t realize a few things.  The first thing that’s seems to have skipped their mind is that there are LDS coaches on their own staff who could’ve read into it like just about everyone else.  They also have a ton of LDS teammates that might not appreciate it either.  Clearly though the biggest mistake they made when filming and then releasing this video is that a substantial amount of their fan base is Mormon.  How many of your own fans do you think you might have alienated over this mess?

To me the whole thing is very childish and juvenile and there is no doubt that the players involved didn’t think at all before they pressed play on that phone.  College is about learning how to think for yourself and clearly that didn’t happen in this instance.

I know you are wondering if I was offended by the 18 second clip and the answer to that is No.  I don’t take offense to very many things but I know plenty of people who do and a lot of them are your own fans.   So do us all a favor, the next time you have a bright idea that you want to put on camera stop and think about it and ask yourself a few questions.

1.  Will this make me look stupid?

2.  Will this embarrass the University?

3.  Can this be construed as offensive to anyone or in any way?

4.  Will this taint my family name?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to put the phone away and do something else.

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