A Day To Remember

This blog is normally dedicated to what’s going on in the sports world and my opinions on those things.  In fact, I would say at least 95 percent of the things I write are about sports but today I feel the need to write about something different.

12 years ago today is a day that almost all Americans will never forget.  It was a day of extreme tragedy and loss and also a day of amazing heart and heroism.  It was a day that united us all.

I remember the morning of September 11th 2001 very vividly.  I had just lost my job as a night security guard, so I was at home  asleep when the first plane hit the tower.  It was very early in the morning but my brother came and woke me up, to tell me what had happened.  I went downstairs and started watching the coverage of what was going on and was totally shocked.

Since we all just figured it was an accident, I decided to head out to get some food.  When I got to the Smiths, they had a TV set up, so I stopped to see if there were any updates.  The network they had it on was showing the picture of the first tower on fire, when out of nowhere another plane comes into view.  It just ripped through the second tower.  To this day, it is the most shocking thing I have ever witnessed.  People around me in the store began to cry as everybody started to realize these events were not accidents.  I rushed home and turned the television back on to see as much news as I could.  I, like most people, really wanted to know what was going on and who was responsible for such horrible events.  As I was watching the tragedy unfold, I couldn’t help but start to think about all the people who must have died and who could do such a thing.  I was even watching as they showed people hanging out the windows of the towers and dropping just to try to save themselves.

I followed the news as close as I could, for as long as I could physically stand it.  Everything was just so sad and so disturbing.  I had to get away from the television for a while but was drawn back in rather quickly.  At that point, my frame of mind had changed a little bit.  While still shocked and saddened by the whole thing, I was very impressed by those who were putting themselves in harm’s way to go and try to help others.  The policemen, firemen and all the other countless people who were running in when others were running out was so amazing to me.  They showed such courage and compassion in the face of such danger.  To this day, my heart goes out to those men and women.  They showed us what it truly means to serve.  While thinking of these extraordinary individuals I am reminded of a scripture, John 15:13 which says, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” So many people showed that love on that day and in the days following.

We as a country, learned so much from that day and those tragic events.  We learned that no matter the differences that we have, we can all be united in one cause and that our love for others and for country is as strong as anything we possess.  We learned that we can’t and won’t be defeated, when we work together for the common good.  And we learned that we need to get up and fight when someone knocks us down.

On this day, let us remember the fallen and their families.  There are still so many out there that this tragedy affects every day.  We need to remember them too.  Those whose lives were forever changed.

I’ve thought for a long time that this day needs to be declared a National Holiday so that we can honor the fallen and what it took for us to put aside our differences, no matter what they be, and become united.  

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