Time for the NFL to make a change

I’ve never quite understood the philosophy of the NFL when it came to scheduling the opening weekend in recent years.

I’m all for as much football as possible but why do they play two Monday night games?  By Monday the fans anticipation has died down after the first 14 games have been played, unless of course your team plays one of the two Monday night games.

I do think the idea is of having two games in one night on opening weekend is sound but why don’t they do it on the Thursday night?  NFL fans have been dying for football for just about eight months so it would just make sense to give them two games at the start of the weekend and not the end of it.  There is no doubt in my mind that the ratings would be better since every fan has been chomping at the bit for the real games to get going.  I mean, if fans are willing to watch meaningless preseason games you know they are ready for more of the real thing.  It would turn into a defacto national holiday for all of the football fans out there and the NFL would get the season started off right.

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