Ranking the best NFL quarterbacks from the University of Utah

The University of Utah Has put plenty of great players into the NFL over the years but not very many of them have been quarterbacks.  In fact, only six quarterbacks from The U of U have ever taken a regular season snap in the NFL.

This list ranks those six players in order of effectiveness over their time in the league.

Note: this list also includes player stats from the AFL if applicable.

There weren’t many close calls when trying to rank these quarterbacks.  In fact, it was more difficult to find out how many players just qualified to be ranked on this list.

6.  Mark Stevens- Stevens wasn’t drafted into the NFL out of Utah but still managed to make the league.  He only saw game action in two games as a member of the San Francisco Forty Niners.  In those two games, Stevens threw for 52 yards and a touchdown on two completions and ran the ball ten times for 45 yards and another score.

5.  Terry Nofsinger- Nofsinger was the 230th pick in the 17th round of the 1961 draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Nofsinger spent seven years in the NFL with three different teams.  During that stretch, Nofsinger started six games and didn’t have much success.

During his NFL career, Nofsinger completed 45.4 percent of his passes for 1,357 yards and four touchdowns to go along with 12 interceptions.  He also tallied 65 yards on the ground for three more scores.

4.  Lee Grosscup- Grosscup was the tenth pick in the draft by the New York Giants in the 1959 draft.  Grosscup only played eight games in the NFL before moving over to the AFL.  While playing for the New York Titans, Grosscup played in eight games including four as a starter in 1962.  During his time as a Titan, Grosscup threw for 855 yards and eight touchdowns.

3.  Tom Dublinski- Dublinski was the 93rd pick in the eighth round of the 1952 draft by the Detroit Lions.  Dublinski saw action in five seasons for three different teams.  His most success came with the Lions, where he started five games and won four.

During his career, Dublinski threw for 1,300 yards and eight touchdowns while completing 52.5 percent of his passes.  He also rushed for 118 yards and another score.

2.  Alex Smith- Smith was the first pick in the draft by the San Francisco Forty Niners in the 2005 draft.

Smith struggled to find his way for most of his young career mostly due to having to learn a new offense every year for his first six seasons.  The Niners and Smith finally found a home with Jim Harbaugh.  During his season and a half under Harbaugh, Smith had his best years in the league before a concussion affectively ended his time in San Francisco.

His best full season came in 2011 when Smith threw for 3,144 yards and 17 touchdowns.

For his career, Smith has thrown for 14,280 yards and 81 touchdowns.  Smith has also been effective rushing the ball with 761 yards and four touchdowns.

If Smith can find any success with the Kansas City Chiefs he will move to the top of the list very shortly.

1.  Scott Mitchell- Mitchell was the 93rd pick in the fourth round of the 1990 draft by the Miami Dolphins.  Mitchell played for four different teams during his 11 year NFL career.  His best years came as a member of the Lions where he started 57 games over his five seasons in Detroit.

His best season came in 1995, when Mitchell threw for 4,338 yards, 32 touchdowns And 12 interceptions while leading the lions to a 10-6 record and a playoff appearance.

For his career, Mitchell threw for 15,692 yards and 95 touchdowns and rushed for 485 yards and 11 more scores.


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