The rules of the game

I am so sick of sports talk radio lately.  All they talk about is Johnny Manziel, Alex Rodriguez, Aaron Hernandez and Tiger Woods.  The only reason they are talking about these players is because of the mistakes they are making.
Thankfully, the Tiger conversation is back to being mostly about golf, even though I still hear about his female exploits just about every day. That usually happens when people are trying to be clever or funny, which seldom works.
First off, what an athlete does outside of their chosen sport is NOT sports news and doesn’t need to be covered on sports radio or TV.  I don’t care what parties they go to or what clothes they are wearing.  Their dating lives and random hookups aren’t at all interesting to me. Nor do i care about speculation on if they are cheating outside the game. If I did I would watch TMZ or some other tabloid television.
I don’t even care if college athletes break NCAA rules that are outside of the game. Most of those rules don’t make sense to me. I don’t understand what’s wrong with signing autographs for money. If fans are willing to pay for something you signed then all the more power to you.  It’s not like Manziel was getting thousands of dollars per signature. But that is beside the point.
Even though I don’t agree with those rules, I still think that if a guy agrees to take a college scholarship then he should follow the rules associated with getting said scholarship. Why does he need to take money anyway?  It’s not like he’s hurting for cash. His parents are loaded.
As for Alex Rodriguez, why does he need to cheat when his money is guaranteed? Is he really that vein? Being the richest man in baseball must not be good enough.  But he’s not the only one at fault in this scenario. Baseball has some responsibility here too.  It’s not like A Rod tested positive for any banned substance. I don’t really understand why baseball accepts the testimony of people who were willing to help the ball players to skirt the rules in the first place. Their testimonies never seem credible to me. They just do it so that they can be famous. The athletes give them the money and then baseball and the reporters give them the fame.
The reason I don’t need to hear about Hernandez is different.  He is no longer a football player and probably wont ever be again so why cover it in sports? I don’t watch the regular news because the world is a very messed up place and I don’t want that landing in my sports news or talk either. I would much rather hear about the two deep on the worst team in college football then that.
Sports is supposed to be an escape from the bad and hard parts of life and needs to stay separate.  IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?


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