Musings about the NBA during Free agency

Why does the NBA wait until the very last-minute to release the salary cap figures for the upcoming season?  It doesn’t make any sense to allow teams to negotiate with free agents without knowing how much money they can offer.  I can’t be the only one who has noticed this.

While on the subject of the salary cap, why is it different then the luxury tax threshold?  Isn’t that just saying you can break the rules a little bit before you get punished?  The NBA needs to rework the whole system and make the threshold the same as the cap number.  Now,  I’m no capalogist but that just seems to make more sense.

Another thing the NBA is in dire need of changing is the draft lottery system.  If a franchise is willing to alienate its fan base for a season just to add the next best thing then they should have that opportunity.  It’s not like most teams get it right in the draft anyway.  If they did, guys like Adam Morrison wouldn’t be drafted third overall.

Changing this rule would also alleviate all of the draft fixing speculation.  As much as I don’t believe that stuff like that happens, you still have to wonder how the ball bounces so perfectly sometimes.  Like New Orleans landing the number one pick when the league owned them and were trying to sell.

Speaking about the Pelicans, what are they planning on doing with their lineup this season?  I have a hard time believing that Jrue Holiday, Eric Gordon Ryan Anderson and Tyreke Evans can be on the floor at the same time.  The game is only played with one ball.
They aren’t the only team whose off season moves haven’t made sense.  From the looks of some of the signings, I don’t think gm’s watch other teams play to know how guys will fit in their systems.  They appear to be fantasy owners, stockpiling stats guys without trying to figure out chemistry.  I can’t be the only one who sees the flaw in bringing in four guards who expect to start, when you already have two guys there already. It’s not wise to create friction between teammates long before the season starts.

Look at what Golden State just did.  They have Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes yet chose to trade 32 players and 112 draft picks just so they could bring in Andre Iguodala.  I love his game but are there enough minutes to be had without stunting the growth of your young stars.  I think they would have been better off  re-signing Jack and Landry and giving those extra minutes to Brandon Rush.  He is eight million dollars cheaper and a better outside shooter.

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