Breaking down the Jazz acquisitions

I was all set to write some Team Canada basketball articles when I heard the news that the Jazz would be acquiring three new pieces from the Golden State Warriors.  The move is a salary dump  for the Warriors so they can sign former Nuggets forward, Andre Iguodala.  This is a huge move for Golden State to make because it clears more than 24 million dollars in cap space this upcoming season.  That would give them room to be able to acquire Dwight Howard in a sign and trade if Howard wants to be a Warrior.

What I want to look at is what this move means for the Utah Jazz when it goes through.  Although the trade isn’t finalized, all indications are the Jazz aren’t trading any really pieces back to the Warriors.  What they get in return is still a little hazy at this point but what we’ve heard from various reports is that the Jazz will get Andris Biedrins, Richard Jefferson, Brandon Rush.  The Warriors will also send the Jazz first round picks in 2014 and 2017 and throw in a few second round picks as well.  Here is a look at how the new players will fit and why the Jazz ultimately made this deal.

Andris Biedrins is a 27 year back up center who is owed 9 million dollars this upcoming season.  He is a solid rebounder when on the floor and will be a serviceable backup to Favors and Kanter.

Richard jefferson is a 57 year old wing player hiding in a 33 year old’s body.  Jefferson is owed a little more than 11 million next year but then comes off the books.  Jefferson’s best years are long behind him.  He barely has anything left in the tank and shouldn’t see much time.  In his first full season as a Warrior jefferson only played 10 minutes a night, averaging a little more than three points.  Don’t expect any more than that from him this year.

Brandon Rush is also 27 years old but is coming off a torn ACL which he suffered in the second game of last season who has one year left on a two year deal worth eight million dollars.  Rush is a 6’6″ wing player with a great stroke.  He shot more that 45% from three in his last full season with Golden State.

As for the draft picks.  The first round pick for next year will probably fall somewhere in the 20’s especially if the Warriors manage to get Dwight Howard.  Next year’s draft is very deep so there still might be a qualtiy player left on the board.  The other picks are so up in the air that it is pointless to even speculate on where and what they will be.

I absolutely love this trade and I will tell you why.  The jazz now have enough big bodies and don’t need to bring in anyone else.  Biedrins and Gobart won’t challenge Favors or Kanter for minutes so, we can finally see what they can do playing 30+ minutes a night.  Rush can stretch the defense and could be a really nice fit here.  You can never have too much shooting and he will provide that.  Then, when you throw in all the draft picks and total cap flexibility for next year, this move was a no-brainer.

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